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.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*.

friday's show was awesome. im really happy that i went. and no matter how long its called brooklyn music terminal for, i have a feeling i will always call it l'amours.
Lourds was great, i have a weakness for chick singers. Suicide City was fucking awesome so much energy on stage, i was exhausted by the time their set came on, but they woke me up and put on a great show. They're playing a free show on Sept. 10- definately going to check it out.
The Pennyroyals played too, i liked their set but i kinda fell asleep through it, they were good though. The two bands before them were something to be desired, meh. The first band that was on when we got in gave me a headache, and it sounded like he was screaming blablablabla the entire set, which wasnt bad because i was wrapped in the nostalgia of the place.
When i first walked in the first thing that popped into my head was when my mom came to pick me up from a show i went to with jimmy, and marti came inside looking for us, and we both got soo mad at her. *sigh*
i remember how my life was wrapped around shows, temple and lamours every weekend. I kind of miss that.
I got to see Michele- i knew she'd be there cuz she told me about the show, her sister nanciann, janine who i havent seen since SHE graduated... forever ago, Liz who i havent seen in over a year, and janee, whom i surprisingly hadn't seen in quite awhile either.
all in all it was a really good night, much more exciting and entertaining than my typical bar night, it made me really want to start hitting up the shows all the time again.
I wonder who else is playing with Suicide City at Sam Ash...
I decided im not going to florida with the moms, i'll throw her a party the day she gets back, which is her birthday, i really dont want to fly alone.
so i'll have an open house the day of the show, which will rock.
everyone has to sleep over that week cuz i hate sleeping here alone. :( ill drive everyone to school/work in the morning hahah and ill cook! yay
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