.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*. (sour_stars) wrote,
.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*.

ive been sick all summer, but work is finally over
now its time to get a new job... school starts tomorrow
my moms going away in a week, imma be lonely :( theyre putting the dog in the vet for the week so she doesnt destroy the house
imma miss my puppy
everyones welcome to stop by.. please! hehe
not too much going on
black tie gala thursday, hung out with alyssa, rafi, and annie, we went to this party at beth's friends house but left, and drove around,
friday was the head counselor party, not too bad, said goodbye to jenny after it though :(
definately going to visit her soon, gotta get to hartford this semester too, and up to bing! hehe yay
fell into the trap of surveys so heres that silly thing
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) Does tinkerbell811 drink? now she does.
2) One thing you can't stand about deeperawakening? hmmm
3) What is nyyhoneybee's shoe size? like an 8?
4) What is longingchainsme's favorite food? definately not meat
5) Is waynish in a relationship? im not sure
6) Is punkallica related to susieblue? nope but they both used to hang out at the temple
7) Does chantalzola have a big secret? probably
8) Would semiheroine and sabbathcat make a good couple? possibly, if they were into that girl/girl thing.
9) Is dead_dolly13 a college student? no! she quit hartford with me =D
10) If tinkerbell811 was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? the boogyman... and ill create a character for the mexican outside her window.
11) Where would dead_dolly13 most like to visit? UK
12) Is chantalzola athletic? doubt it
13) What languages does crakerbaby speak? french, english, some latin... i dunno what else
14) What video game does punkallica remind you of? world of warcraft
15) Is dead_dolly13 1337? nope. she doesnt know what leet is.
16) What planet should 1m1ssy0ucupcake be from? boys go to jupiter to get more stupider
17) Has izil dyed their hair? i think so
18) What word best describes sua_arcana? intelligent
19) Is izil an emo? he'd hit me if i said yes.
20) rodanside's eye color? brown i think?
21) What is susieblue's favorite movie? not a clue
22) Is angelofmusic07 single? yes, but she has that amazing mystery boy! yay
23) Where was dead_dolly13 born? cali i think
24) Where did you first meet deeperawakening? kearney
25) Has longingchainsme been to your house/dorm? im sure she has
26) What exotic animal would izil like as a pet? a toni!
27) Which president would xsc0ttx be likely to idolize? bush ;x *hides*
28) Would you make out with darkflame15? nope, sorry
29) What animal should longingchainsme be combined with? a kitten
30) Did deeperawakening break up with you? nope
31) What animal does angelofmusic07 remind you of? hmm maybe a jaguar, theyre cool
32) If 1m1ssy0ucupcake took over the world, who would suffer? the yankees
33) Are nyyhoneybee and waynish going steady? NO way in hell
34) What is tyniscool's favorite band/artist? not sure, but she likes bright eyes= D
35) If chantalzola and longingchainsme were siamese twins, where would they be joined? eyeball
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