.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*. (sour_stars) wrote,
.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*.

ive been thinking a lot
and as the past has shown, thats never a good idea, i always get myself into trouble.
school wasn't too bad minus one nazi professor.
the boy at starbucks gave me a thing for free coffee, that made me smile
too bad he was ugly ;/ *sigh* that was mean

zox is playing on friday and no one wants to come with me :( *tear*
i even tried to get sabrina to come to new york, since i miss my roomie, but she can't. suckage.
i haven't seen her since i left hartford.
i really miss dorming, but hartford just wasn't the place for me. it was kind of upsetting watching everyone around me all excited and packing and moving, and me just sitting here. I attempted to be excited about going back to school, but once i got there it diminished. I'm taking some awesome classes though, at least they might keep my interest.

i really want to go to italy over winter break. For the study abroad program there is this course called "Photography in Rome" that sounds simple and has the potential to be exciting. I can't think of anything better to do Jan 1-24 than walk around Rome taking pictures. I want at least one of my friends to come, for comfort, since i hate being alone, but this is something i'm not going to let go because no one else wants to do it. even though wil said he would :) that would me so much fun.
*cough* anyone else in the CUNY system can do it, considering i have nooo friends at john jay anymore it makes me happy cuz it doesnt really matter where yr going to school, as long as yr going to one of them. *cough liz cough*

I have a job interview tomorrow at the grand prospect hall, for a waitress position. I told my mom, she told me not to go, because i'd probably make crap money and be dissappointed. She's so encouraging.
I really need a job though, because my credit card bill for this month is going to be over $400... and thats without my books.
making such crap money at the camp this year really screwed me over.
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