.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*. (sour_stars) wrote,
.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*.

i did more today than ive probably done all week.
i played dress up this morning, and put on my cute pink dress
then drove to jersey to hang out with keith, went to dinner, went bowling with him and his friends, then hung out by him for a little.
drove home, and decided to call wil on my way home, to go for coffee
but then his friend called and wanted to meet up
so we go for coffee, then meet his friends at the pool hall.
play an amusing game of pool, decide to drive to times square, then through the village, then back home.
it's now like 4am, i just got home a few minutes ago, i'm actually pretty damn hyper.
its days like this that make every other day suck lol <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANEE (yeahhh 2 happy birthdays from me cuz yr that fucking special...whore)
show tomorrow for her birthday. awesome.
yesterday went to this club in long island, called craze.
people being friends with the bartenders=free/cheap drinks+toni not driving=happy toni :)

damn good weekend.
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