.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*. (sour_stars) wrote,
.*. papercuts and broken hearts.*.

and maybe i miss you more than ill ever be willing to admit
its not like it matters anyway

its 4am now, and i still cant sleep
i feel like crap... just like icky, and i dont know why
i felt fine before, i went to this cute play with liz.

but maybe im over tired. but thats impossible when you sleep all day

i feel like such a waste. "a waste of breath, of space, of time."

i need a job. i hate borrowing money from my mother. blegh
ihave nothing of value to say
besides my mind is too active
and i feel like an emotional disaster
for no particular reason
and if anyone knew the one thing i want right now
im sure theyd smack me in the face. really really hard
cuz i know id deserve it
but why cant i see it?

i want to drive to maryland. maybe then life will be okay.
i remember writing something about that awhile ago, back when i was in hartford. yea, i was sitting in sociology. stairing out the window,
at least those classrooms all had windows.
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